Sean Argir

Mr. Sean J. Argir started his martial arts training in January 1996 at the age of 11 under the guidance of the school's founder, Mr. Steve Yukich.  Over the years, he progressed through the ranks and had to push extra hard in order to be allowed to test for red and blue belt respectively.  He received his blue belt, February 2003.

Later that year after graduating high school, he made the decision to continue his path of enlisting into the Active Duty Army which delayed his testing for black belt for 7 years.  Six days after high school graduation, he flew off to his basic training.  This started his long bouts of martial arts training absence.  Every year he made the determination to take 2 weeks or so of vacation back at Range Martial Arts to train with his fellow gup students. 

Mr. Argir spent 4 and a half years in the Active Duty Army with a 15 month deployment to Baghdad, Iraq (Aug 2006 – Nov 2007). Then, he spent 3 years with the MN Army National Guard and had a 9 month deployment to Basrah, Iraq (April 2009 – Jan 2010).  During his time in the National Guard, with exception of the deployment, he was able to training more often at the studio.

After his return from both deployments, he had to readjust his martial art's body mechanics due to lower back and knee problems which put him at 40% disability according to the Veteran's Affairs (VA).  He was determined to push himself, to which he successfully fulfilled his dream of passing his 1st degree black belt test on 23 October, 2010.  Then in October 2012, he finally received his official World Tang Soo Do Association Instructor certification. 

Since he became a black belt, one of his passions is one-on-one instruction with gup students when class time allows the opportunity.  He loves coming up with different explanations of techniques and thought processes in order to allow individuals receive a better understanding of what they are learning.

He is currently attending Hibbing Community College to receive his AA in Liberal Arts and to eventually get a degree in Computer Science.  He is hoping to attend either Stout University in Wisconsin or one of the University of Minnesota campuses to continue the Computer Science degree.