The photos found on our website come from students, parents and even an aspiring professional photographer that happens to be the daughter of one of our instructors!

  • Students during March 2014 testing.

  • Form practice with Master Osbourne

  • Students practicing a form.

  • Masters Frankovich and Osbourne demonstrate a technique's application

  • Master Grissom talking about stance

  • Master Grissom giving the students a break to talk about technique through a story.

  • The Cruz siblings From MG Karate helping during a special session.

  • Breaking for Master Grissom

  • Mother and daughter team with Master Strong

  • Tiny Tigers test group - Dec 2013

  • Little Dragons test group - Dec 2013

  • Test group for general class, Dec 2013

  • Multi-station cutting drills during play day.

  • Play day class for haidong gumdo group.

  • Tang Soo Do Instructors.

  • Cheif instructors for Tang Soo Do and Haidong Gumdo at Range Martial Arts.

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